·Intensive Chinese Language Program

Full Academic Year Program
HIT’s International Student Center (ISC) provides the best value for standard Mandarin Chinese language instruction with competitive tuition, affordable living expenses, and highly qualified experienced teachers in a supportive and comfortable learning environment. HIT’s ISC trains more Chinese language students than anyone else in Heilongjiang.

50 highly qualified and experienced full- and part-time teachers staff HIT’s International Student Center.

Chinese language programs, from elementary through advanced, organized in 9 levels in 3 ranks, are offered to better meet student needs. Courses include both compulsory and optional classes of no more than 15 students which meet for 20 hours each week. Integrated courses include speaking, reading, listening, and writing. There are also courses in Business Chinese, Chinese Grammar, Ancient Chinese, and Chinese Culture. A Certificate of Chinese Language is conferred upon successful completion of the course.

HIT’s International Student Center can customize courses for teams of 10 students or more of similar language level at any time.

Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and HIT rules and regulations.
Applicants must be in good health.
Applicants must provide all required application materials.

Academic Calendar
Spring semester:      March 1-June 20
Fall semester:           September 1-December 20

Registration 400 RMB
Semester Non-refundable Tuition* 7,300 RMB
Monthly Dormitory - Double Occupancy** 600 RMB
Electricity based on usage
Monthly Internet 30 RMB
Insurance 400 RMB /term, 800 RMB /year

* Due upon registration
** Includes TV, telephone, 24-hour hot showers

Winter and Summer Vacation Short-term Chinese Language Training Program

Harbin Institute of Technology’s International Student Center provides the short-term Chinese Language Training Program in every winter and summer vacation, the duration of study is 4 weeks, students will enjoy a rolling admission deadline if you have the basic knowledge of Chinese. Please take the reference of the present short-term Chinese Language Training Program Schedule for details. The teaching goal for short-term program is the oral intensive Chinese, which from elementary through to advanced class (all levels). Each class has no more than 15 students who meet for 4 class hours from Monday to Friday, 20 hours each week in total. In addition, we also offer the complimentary Chinese culture experience activities in the afternoon, which include Chinese painting, Chinese cuisines, Chinese paper cutting, traditional culture lectures and etc. And Graduation Certificate and photo will be offered when Closing Ceremony.

★ Application Procedures:
1. Application online (application website: http://apply.hit.edu.cn/)
2. Upload the scanning copy of passport
3. Upload the digital photo
4. Pay the registration fee online: 400 RMB
* Registration fee will be non-refundable

★ Fees (RMB)






400 RMB/person



2800 RMB/person (1st week: 1600 RMB, 2nd -4th week: 400 RMB/week)



According to the levels: around 200 RMB



600 RMB/month/bed (excluding electricity fee, 10 RMB/person (Foreigner Accommodation Registration Form)


Housing Deposit

300 RMB/person (Refundable if no items damaged)



30 RMB/person/month



Suggest to buy in home country

★ 2014/2015 Winter School Chinese Language Training Program Schedule

Application deadline: Dec. 28, 2014
Registration and placement test: Dec. 28, 2014
Class time: Dec. 29-Jan. 23, 2015

New students enjoy a rolling admission deadline throughout the entire year if you do not need the visa invitation (JW202) from our university. The new students are suggested to apply for L-visa (tourist visa) to study.


2014/2015 HIT Winter School - Chinese Language Program Schedule

2014/2015 HIT Winter School - Chinese Language Program Schedule(2014.12.28-2015.01.23)

Dec 28(Sun)

Dec 29(Mon)

Dec 30(Tue)

Dec 31(Wed)

Jan 01(Thu)

Jan 02(Fri)

Jan 03(Sat)

Morning: 8:30  Opening Ceremony, Registration, Placement Test

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Free

Morning: Class

Afternoon: HIT Museum and Central Street

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses


Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Optional Courses

Jan 04(Sun)

Jan 05(Mon)

Jan 06(Tue)

Jan 07(Wed)

Jan 08(Thu)

Jan 09(Fri)

Jan 10(Sat)

731 Army Visit

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Chinese Cuisine (Group I)

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Chinese Cuisine (Group II)

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Enterprise Visit

Optional Courses

Jan 11(Sun)

Jan 12(Mon)

Jan 13(Tue)

Jan 14(Wed)

Jan 15(Thu)

Jan 16(Fri)

Jan 17(Sat)


Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Painting, Chinese Mahjong

(limited seats)

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Introduction to Chinese Traditional Costumes

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Ice and Snow World

Optional Courses

Jan 18(Sun)

Jan 19(Mon)

Jan 20(Tue)

Jan 21(Wed)

Jan 22(Thu)

Jan 23(Fri)

Jan 24(Sat)


Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Class

Afternoon: Free

Morning: Exam

Afternoon: Optional Courses

Morning: Closing Ceremony

Go back to home country

1. Time for activities maybe changed according to the actual situation, but the contents remain the same.

2. Chinese Cuisine will be only once for each student.

Optional Courses: 
1. Pronunciation Training ( min: 6 students, twice/week, 3 class hours/time, tuition 400 RMB)

2. Chinese Character Training (min: 6 students, twice/week, 3 class hours/time, tuition 400 RMB)

3. HSK-3, 4, 5 Training ( min: 10 students, twice/week, 3 class hours/time, tuition 400 RMB)

4. Tai Chi (min: 10 students, three times/week, 2 class hours/time, tuition 300 RMB)

5. Chinese Calligraphy (min: 10 students, three times/week, 2 class hours/time, tuition 300 RMB)

2015HITSummer School-Chinese Language Program Schedule
2015HITSummer School-Chinese Language Program Schedule(2015.07.06-2015.07.31)
July 05(Sun) July 06(Mon) July 07(Tue) July 08(Wed) July 09(Thu) July 10(Fri) July 11(Sat)
Morning: 8:30Opening Ceremony 9:40Registration, Placement Test Morning: Class Afternoon: Free Morning: Class Afternoon: Communication with Chinese Students Morning: Class Afternoon:Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon: Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon:HIT Museum and Central Street Optional Courses
July 12(Sun) July 13(Mon) July 14(Tue) July 15(Wed) July 16(Thu) July 17(Fri) July 18(Sat)
Free Morning: Class Afternoon: Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon: ChinesePaper Cutting,ChinesePainting,ChineseMahjong (limited seats) Morning: Class Afternoon: Free Morning: Class Afternoon:Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon: Harbin Beer Museum Visit Optional Courses
July 19(Sun) July 20(Mon) July 21(Tue) July 22(Wed) July 23(Thu) July 24(Fri) July 25(Sat)
Sun Island Visit Morning: Class Afternoon: Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon:Chinese Cuisineand Dumplings Making Morning: Class Afternoon: Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon: Introduction to Chinese Traditional Costumes Morning: Class Afternoon: Free Optional Courses
July 26(Sun) July 27(Mon) July 28(Tue) July 29(Wed) July 30(Thu) July 31(Fri) August 01(Sat)
Free Morning: Class Afternoon: Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon: 731 ArmyVisit Morning: Class Afternoon: Free Morning: Exam Afternoon: Optional Courses Morning: Class Afternoon: Optional Courses Go back to home country
Remarks:Time for activities maybe changed according to the actual situation, but the contents remain the same.
Optional Courses:
1. Pronunciation Training ( min: 6 students, twice/week, 3 class hours/time, tuition 400 RMB)
2.Chinese Character Training (min: 6 students, twice/week, 3 class hours/time, tuition 400 RMB)
3.HSK-3, 4, 5 Training ( min: 10 students, twice/week, 3 class hours/time, tuition 400 RMB)
4.Tai Chi (min: 10 students, three times/week, 2 class hours/time, tuition 300 RMB)
5.Chinese Calligraphy(min: 10 students, three times/week, 2 class hours/time, tuition 300 RMB)

Application Procedures
Apply directly to HIT's ISC by Fax or Email.
Application via agencies are also welcome.

International Student Center, Harbin Institute of Technology
Ms. ZHAO Lin
11 Siling Street, Nangang District,
Harbin 150001
P. R. China
Fax: +86-451-86417792
Ms. ZHAO Lin (English): Tel: +86-451-86402455 E-mail: StudyatHIT@hit.edu.cn
Ms. MENG Xiaoli: (English): Tel: +86-451-86412647 E-mail: mengxiaoli@hit.edu.cn
Ms. Li Zhuoran (English): Tel: +86-451-86402455 E-mail: LZR2199@126.com
Ms. PIAO Yuejin (Korean): Tel: +86-451-86402455 E-mail: piaoyuejin@163.com
Mr. LIU Wei (Russian): Tel: +86-451-86412847 E-mail: anatolii@hit.edu.cn
Ms. Anastasia (Russian)Tel: +86-451-86418461 E-mail: anastasiali.hit@gmail.com 
Ms. AI Wenxin (Russian): Tel: +86-451-86412847 E-mail: aiwenxin123@163.com


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