Chinese Language Program Winter and Summer Vacation Short-term Chinese Language Training Program

★Program Introduction
HIT’s International Student Center (ISC) provides the best value for standard Mandarin Chinese language instruction with competitive tuition, affordable living expenses, and highly qualified experienced teachers in a supportive and comfortable learning environment. 50 highly qualified and experienced full- and part-time teachers staff HIT’s International Student Center. HIT’s ISC trains more Chinese language students than anyone else in Heilongjiang.
Chinese language programs, from elementary through advanced, organized in 9 levels in 3 ranks, are offered to better meet student needs. Courses include both compulsory and optional classes of no more than 15 students which meet for 20 hours each week. Integrated courses include speaking, reading, listening, and writing. There are also courses in Business Chinese, Chinese Grammar, Ancient Chinese, and Chinese Culture. A Certificate of Chinese Language is conferred upon successful completion of the course. HIT’s International Student Center can customize courses for teams of 10 students or more of similar language level at any time.
Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and HIT rules and regulations. Applicants must be in good health.
Applicants must provide all required application materials with a high school degree or above.
★Application Procedures:
1. Application online (application website:
2. Upload the scanning copy of passport
3. Upload the digital photo
4. Pay the registration fee online: 400 RMB
* Registration fee will be non-refundable
★Course Introduction

Elementary Courses

Class Hours

Description of Courses

Elementary Comprehensive Chinese


Elementary listening, speaking, reading and writing with elementary language points.

Elementary Listening


Listening to distinguish Chinese pronunciation and grasp the information.

Elementary Reading


Reading to familiarize students with Chinese characters and to memorize them.

Elementary Spoken Chinese


Speaking skills in Chinese.

Intermediate Courses

Class Hours

Description of Courses

Intermediate Chinese Comprehension


Mid-level listening, speaking, reading and writing with certain Chinese language points and cultures.

Intermediate Chinese Listening and Speaking


Listening and speaking Chinese to discuss the daily topics of social life.

Intermediate Reading


Reading skills in Chinese papers.

Modern Chinese Writing


Write Chinese articles with correct words, grammar, punctuations, and formats in different situations.

Advanced Courses

Class Hours

Description of Courses

Advanced Chinese Comprehension


Thinking, expressing and arguing in Chinese with correct grammars and, especially rhetoric.

News Listening


Listening to Chinese news to polish Chinese skills and to understand Chinese modern society.

Advanced Chinese Reading and Writing


Reading in speed to further understanding materials; write the basic narrative, argumentative and practical articles.

Advanced Spoken Chinese


Speaking fluent Chinese in appropriate way in Chinese cultural backgrounds.

Survey of China


To better understanding of china.

Optional Courses

Class Hours

Description of Courses

Chinese Pronunciation And Character Training


Speaking standard mandarin and learning Chinese handwriting

Chinese Idiom


Grasping Chinese expression habits and skills; Learning Chinese idioms.

Chinese Business and Trade


Communicative skills in Chinese business and trade

HSK Guidance


Test skills in HSK; doing exercise of HSK.

Chinese Calligraphy


Appreciating and learning Chinese calligraphy.



Training in Shadowboxing; learn Chinese traditional sports.

★Academic Calendar and Tuition Fee
Spring semester:      March 1-June 20
Fall semester:           September 1-December 20



Registration Fee

400 RMB

Semester Tuition

7,300 RMB (Non-refundable)

Monthly Dormitory - Double Occupancy

600 RMB


400 RMB /term, 800 RMB /year

Monthly Internet

30 RMB


based on usage

International Student Center, HIT
Add:11 Siling Street,Nangang District,Harbin 150001 P.R.China  
Tel:+86-451-86402455 / 86412847 / 86403741 / 86412647 / 86412741

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